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Play-Based Regulation Survey

 The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) recognizes that Albertans are expecting more. More transparency in the decisions the AER makes and in the information we share, more input into energy development projects, and more clarity about the life cycle of a project. 

The AER designed the PBR pilot with these expectations in mind.

Under the PBR pilot, operators could apply for multiple activities in a single application rather than on an activity by-activity basis, which is the process under the traditional regulatory system. The single application approach was expected to provide stakeholders and the AER with a broader view of the entire energy development project.

The AER also expected operators who participated in the PBR pilot to submit an engagement plan describing how they would continue to engage affected stakeholders, First Nations, and M├ętis over the life of the development. The engagement plan should have been developed in collaboration with stakeholders. 

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.